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laser printer buying 2 printers, are there any discounts?

Could anyone give me an answer.

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Re: laser printer buying 2 printers, are there any discounts?

Welcome to the Best Buy Community Plug-in forum @bwcrobinson Smiley Happy

As Best Buy already has the " Lowest Price Guarantee " for up to 30 days after your purchase, the purchase of a second printer will not affect an additional discount.

You may inquire about purchasing a Geek Squad Protection Plan with your printer. This will provide you with significant protection for your investment, and your salesperson might be able to apply a discount on the added protection plan depending on circumsatnces and subject to approval.

If this purchase is business related, I would recommend using our Best Buy for Business branch, to assure you of commercial grade device with a proper warranty for commercial application, as most all printers are designed with "domestic" use application and warranty.