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When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?

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Hey, everyone!


I would like to start this thread specific to learning about your preferences when it comes to shopping for physical media of films and TV shows. The movies team would like to know what type of content you guys would like to see more of.


I would like to forward this thread to the movies team for them to carefully read through so they can get some verbatim feedback. 


Of course, I know everyone would love to see more steelbooks. When it comes to steelbooks, are there specific genres of films you're into, or is everyone enthusiastic about all  blockbuster titles in general? 


Aside from steelbooks, what do you guys want to see more of? For example, do you want to see more anime? Do you guys want to see more TV series? Maybe even more G-rated and PG-rated content for the family? What else?


I won't pose any specific questions like a survey. I just want to open this up so everyone can share their purchasing preferences when it comes to buying physical media. I think this will be great feedback for the movies team to read about; this thread was actually their suggestion. I can't promise what actions they take in the future, but I know they would like to read what everyone thinks.


Share your preferences below. The more people to chime in the better. Thanks in advance!




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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?



I would like to see cheaper alternatives in steelbooks of past movies as opposed to only recent theatrical releases.


Like how you have the older Transformers steelbooks for $14.99 as an example.  They don't have to be part of a series but older titles would be nice.  That's one of things I think that made the Mondo X titles so popular.  Not just the design but the selection of older titles


I would also like to see the same thing for non steelbook titles.  Again, I prefer finding older titles on Blu-ray as opposed to just the weekly new release of the recent theatrical releases.  Moives that are being released on Blu-ray that haven't been released before from many years past like the 80's and so on. Not just re-releases with a 7th different cover with awful pop-art.


I hope some of that made sense.  I prefer action and comedy.  No horror stuff.


Thanks for asking!

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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?



I'm not too sure that this will result in anything concrete, it's like asking for Wish Lists from everyone.

Maybe it should be broken down to specifics rather than left open.


For one, I would like to see more Theatrical Releases rather than TV series.

As for genre, that's where we run into issues since individual preferences do not represent the majority of customers.

I think a good overall mix of new releases and classics would be in order, more exclusives would be a bonus.


The question should probably be online or in-store, because in store media is in shambles, it's impossible to locate anything at my local store.


2 small rows in the back of the store, with randomly displayed New Releases and stacks of movies in no specific order, jammed packed on the bottom shelves, most without price stickers, and absolutely no scanners or store reps for price checks.


I don't even bother anymore, so it's kind of irrelevant what titles are carried at the store level anymore.


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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?

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These are the kinds of titles I'm looking for just to use recent releases that Best Buy carries as an example.



But I rarely go into a Best Buy store anymore because these types of releases don't seem to show up on the shelves.

I always liked being surprised when I would go into a store just to look at all of the titles to see what older movies had been released and always finding something that I didn't know existed on Bliu-ray.  That hasn't been the case for awhile.


If it wasn't for a certain online competitor whose site shows a lot of upcoming and recent releases, I wouldn't know that these kinds of titles existed!


Does anybody have any tips on how to find recent or upcoming releases of older titles on Best Buy's site? (not including recent theatrical releases)


And kinda like @Jacques1400 mentioned, stores in my area are a bit of a mess when it comes to the Blu-ray section with a lot of missing price tags because some of the prices change so often (up & down due to a Sale...I'm not complaining about when they go on sale)


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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?

Great question @BBYTerence,


As I stated before while I was at BB I decided to look around the bluray and dvd section of the store and like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards the shelves were almost bare and those that were not bare staff were taking them down; I am gathering from this question Best Buy Canada is trying to improve that which is excellent. That being said as for TV series I would love to see more series being similiar to your online competitor like Marvel Netflix series being offered like Agent of SHIELD, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and more seasons of Dare Devil. I am also a big fan of Japanese anime and would love to Best Buy Canada sell more Gundam series titles which has gotten easier since Sunrise, the Japanese animation studio that owns Gundam has given the rights to RightStuf to distribute all of Gundam in North America. and I would love to see the Code Geass franchise.  I know there is more I want to put down but my just went blank as what other things I would love to see; I guess I will just come back. Smiley LOL

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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?



I found this quote from SonicBoom:


Furthermore, I re-purchased the UNDERWORLD and RESIDENT EVIL series because I liked the art on the new SteelBooks and there was a sale on them.


If Best Buy Canada would re-release catalog titles in SteelBook at the $10-15 range, I would buy them.


Please not RESIDENT EVIL or UNDERWORLD -- and not that Pop art junk.


Exactly what I'm talking about.  Older releases on steelbook in a nice price range.

As much as I don't like the  Pop art junk I actually like the Pop art Resident Evil titles.




I understand you're looking for more comments about titles other than steelbooks but I just wanted to add that quote.


I really do hope everybody replies to this thread with what they want to see more of.



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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?

That's a great idea for a thread @BBYTerence

I don't usually buy movies, unless I can find some classics, with added bonus, such as sound tracks CD or other bonus included.

Since Hollywood has started making re-runs of some great blockbusters, many of which failed imo, I would consider buying a set of movies that were duplicated, such as the various versions of King Kong, starting with the original, and a collection of Tarzan movies. Or like the recent versions of the original The 300 Spartans d041a9054f870bc8b01cb1dd96e56f51 and the 300 movies.

The James Bond series and other fiction series like Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, Batman, Superman movies, X-Men series etc.., might always make a good package.

I like older WWII movies, like The longest day, Patton, Midway, Battle of Britain, Battle of the Bulge, A Bridge too far, Saving Private Ryan, Etc..,

I also like Sci-Fi movies, including Farenheit 451, 2001, 2010, Star-Wars series..

Certainly other movies rate noteworthy consideration, as I noted above, especially those with great sound tracks, from Bethoven, to Crossroads and Master and Commander, Last of the Mohicans, Woodstock, Dr. Zhivago, Gone with the wind, to name a few.

Great TV shows would also be a good idea, such as the original Saturday Night Live series to SCTV and yes, even that Oscar winning wabbit would be seriously considered, where else can you listen to the greatest orchestra conductors of all time, Leopold Stokowsky ?Smiley Happy

Now, having provided some examples, I'd like to ask a favour from the Movies Team. Please remind the distributors and shipping staff to be mindful of protecting the products from shipping damage.Smiley Wink





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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?

I'll buy anything that really piques my interest if I can afford it. My Blu-ray collection is 1400 strong and growing. I'm adapting now to the 4K UHDs as I prefer to get those if it's available for a movie I want. 


Since I also have the last generation of 3D Televisions, I like to purchase 3D Blu-rays as well. They're pure eye-candy on the LG OLED. 


Of course there's the current blockbusters that everyone picks up that I will continue to buy, but I would also like to see some of the early 2000's and 90's movies be made available on Blu-ray (or even 4K? Smiley Very Happy) I'm talking family titles like Dennis The Menace, Jungle 2 Jungle, and my favourite all-time comedy Rat Race. Why is that not on Blu-ray yet!? I don't know how much sway the movies team at Best Buy would have towards releases on Blu since those are usually left up to the studios that own the properties, but doesn''t hurt to ask! Haha 


I also love horror and scary thriller movies. I think that's perhaps my favourite genre. 


I also love owning my favourite TV series on Blu-ray. I would buy each individual season as they were made available but as well I prefer the Complete Series editions when shows end like the Breaking Bad barrel or the Weeds complete season. We need ones now for Banshee and Bates Motel would be nice.


Of course you have to keep up with your exclusives, whether they be Steelbooks or exclusive slipcovers. Was really disappointed with the latest Exclusive Slipcover for Game Of Thrones Season 6 (my all time favourite TV show). There was an exclusive slip for it, but it was covered in French and didn't really blend with the previous 5 seasons Smiley Sad Hopefully Season 7 will be a return to form. Even though I own each individual season with your exclusive slipcovers, I'll probably still end up buying a complete series when it's all said and done, depending on the packaging. Smiley Happy

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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?

I buy a lot of movies and a lot of varied tastes.


I've always been a strong supporter of 3D movies.  I've made the decision to avoid 4K.


I really like exclusives.  I guess if I'm going to spend money on a physical copy, it's more interesting to me if it is enhanced in some way beyond the regular Amaray case.  I like SteelBooks, but I have also started collecting digibooks as well.  Lenticular covers are also nice, but a SteelBook or digibook would more or less secure the sale for me.


I also buy movies in regular Amaray cases, but only if they are on discount, which is under $10.00, so I do frequent discount shops and browse Best Buy Canada's discount rack as well as other retailers for discounts.


It would be great if Best Buy could feature more store exclusives.  I notice that there are online retailers that almost make an entire business by offering exclusive SteelBooks for $30, $40, or $50 each.  They will have things like numbered limited editions, slipcovers, postcards, booklets, and 3D lenticular inserts.  Collectors seem to go crazy for these limited variants.


However, I realize that would be a major shift in Best Buy Canada's purchasing department and possibly a risky venture.


One thing I would suggest is to create  a series of 4-6 exclusive release titles as part of a series and release them one week at a time.  Future Shop did this with Disney SteelBooks one year and it was a huge hit.  They did it again with the entire Harry Potter series and that was also very successful.


I think it would be great if Best Buy could offer a series of titles and create an event this way.  Please don't do a series which has been done to death (e.g. Harry Potter, Disney, Resident Evil, Underworld).  They could be catalog titles, but just something that hasn't already been released in SteelBook (or other exclusive) form.


Maybe Monty Python?  Maybe some missing James Bond titles? Maybe the old Superman series?  Maybe Friday the 13th or Halloween?  Maybe a Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson, or Tom Cruise series?


There haven't been many comedies or horror titles released on SteelBooks.


Please no Pop Art or Mondo.  I much prefer original theatrical poster art.

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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?

I agree in part with @SonicBoom. I really like scoring an "exclusive." Steelbooks are awesome. Action figures for animated movies always get a sale from me. Bonus content / discs are neat.

There are a million movies I'd love to see, but I'll refrain from typing a wish list. I tend to like more "out of the mainstream" movies, which puts me in the financial minority.