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Re: When it comes to shopping for movies & TV shows, what do you want to buy?

Jacques1400 wrote:

Why is everyone beating a dead horse?


This thread was created by @BBYTerence to get some feedback in respect to what the forum members  would like to see stocked. Then forward it to the appropriate department for consideration.


Leaving aside that movies are shrinking at BB both online and in stores daily, here is this never ending discussion in respect to an already dead format (3D) killed by the industry itself.

Why is this even a subject matter?


BB can't carry more of something which there is no new A/V equipment that supports it.

I prefer VHS tapes, because I like the grainy effect (grindhouse) look of tape, doesn't mean that BB should start carrying them, and even if they did, where would I get a new VHS player.



Well, I brought it up because they came out with a 3D edition of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 a couple of weeks ago that sold out before release day, and I was questioning why that wouldn't stock enough to satisfy pre-orders, let alone store stock.  New 3D releases are still coming out fairly regularly, and they are always selling out the 3D versions at my local Best Buy store.  Maybe it is because they are under-ordering, but there is obviously some demand.


As for no A/V equipment supporting it, you are simply misinformed.  Every UHD Bluray player I have seen supports 3D Blu.  I think it is a mistake by the TV manufacturers to drop it this year, but there are still projectors available that support 3D, as well.  And the PSVR finally supports it, as well.  So this isn't exactly VHS.