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re: Moana pre-order issue

@BBYLaura @BBYTerence


Hope you both had a good weekend


I was trying to preorder the Moana 3D Blu-Ray Combo on this past weekend but the website wouldn't allow checkout and gave the following error message:


  • We're sorry, one or more items in your order are not available for shipment but may be available for Reserve and Pick Up. Please remove Moana (English) (Ultimate Collector's Edition) (3D Blu-ray Combo) (2016) from your cart to proceed with this order. If you would still like the item(s), please Reserve them separately on the product page(s). (0107)


It looks like it's similar to the issue that affected the Suicide Squad pre-order back in November 2016  ( link: )


Can you see if you can send a note to the website team to resolve the error ? 


Thanks !



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Re: re: Moana pre-order issue

Thanks @equinox.


I'll pass this along.



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