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Buyer Beware. Do not buy the PSN card with digital delivery

I placed an order for 2 $20 PSN card on Tuesday.  Credit card is charged; however, I still have not gotten the redeem codes yet.  Called the customer service the next day they just keep telling me to wait.  Last call they told me it will come tomorrow.  It is almost 2 days now and still no code.  It is totally unacceptable.  How long does digital delivery can take?  My e-mail never take 2 days to reach its destination.  I am so disappointed with bestbuy customer service.  I will never buy anything from them with digital delivery.  Just want to let people know they should go somewhere to buy if they want instant delivery for their codes.  Thanks.

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Re: Buyer Beware. Do not buy the PSN card with digital delivery

Sorry to read about your experience. Did you also check your spam folder or junkmail?


There is nothing the community team on the forum can personally do to look into your order, but if you want me to forward your info along to customer service in addition to the interactions you've already had with them, please send me a private message with your name, email, and your order number. Do not post that info here for privacy reasons.


I would be happy to forward your info along, but keep in mind, they might not be able to reach out to you instantaneously.




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