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Careful ordering online

I was looking for a good camera at a good price that would allow me to not only take good pictures but record good video for my Daughter's show on February 23,2017. This is my latest experience that started on February 16th 2017. At checkout I entered my Visa Debit number and I was prompted for a verified by visa number. Since my RBC visa debit does not have a verified by visa number I cancelled the order. I then proceeded to purchase the order through my paypal account as I do use credit card numbers for online shopping. ISSUE NUMBER 1) The next day I checked my email and there were two confirmation emails showing that I purchased two cameras even though I did not confirm the first order but cancelled it as I could not enter the appropriate information. ISSUE NUMBER 2) Not only did the system generate the cancelled order for some reason it charged me $23.99 in shipping cost. So I called your customer service number and they representative told me to wait until I received the cameras and just return one to the store for a full refund including the shipping. I received a parcel on February 21st which consisted of one camera, one camera bag and two tripods so ISSUE NUMBER 3) the order was missing one camera and bag. Nevertheless, I got into the car and took everything into the local Best buy store where ISSUE NUMBER 4) the representative told me that it was impossible to refund the shipping as there was not skew number. Eventually I was able to get a representative to refund the shipping and the camera. ISSUE NUMBER 5) The associate refunded the wrong purchase so I was to get a refund through paypal which can take several days. I was not in need of the funds right away so I left feeling satisfied that everything was taken care of and that I would receive my refund and my camera + bag without further issues. ISSUE NUMBER 6) No parcel delivered on Feb 22,2017 and parcel could not be traced so I needed to start an investigation. Feb 23 still waiting for refund from paypal and parcel to be found and delivered. ISSUE NUMBER 7) I called Best Buy again to start an investigation with them to track package as advised through Canada Post and the nice and sincere representative expressed that it showed that someone tried to deliver the package earlier in the day. I had been home the whole morning and there was no delivery so the representative apologized and said that he would add an additional $30 to my refund as to help compensate for the terrible experience that I was having and continue our relationship. With regards to the getting the package I took it upon myself to go the main depot in my City and have a supervisor locate my package and it was found and I was able to get the camera on Feb 23,2017. ISSUE NUMBER 8) Finally I see my refund come through and instead of being $30 more than the original amount it was actually about $30 less than the original receipt. I had to jump through several hoops and go through a lot of anxiety in order to get the camera on time. I understand that things happen that are out of our control but as you can see from the above several of those issues could have been avoided so after everything is said and done I am still out $30 plus the additional promised $30 for my "inconvenience". At this point after speaking to several people over the phone at and in the local store I do not think that I will contact anyone again as to avoid any further disappointment and at the end of the day I will probably pay more to make my purchases with other merchants.