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Double Charged on my Credit Card!

Hi there,

Recently I tried to purchase a monitor online. The order was declined, and I received an email stating
"Unable to Process your Order #________"


I went online to check the order, and the website errored out. I cannot view or change my order.
2 days later, nothing has changed and my order did not go through.

I rectified the situation by visiting a local store and making the purchase in person.

After that evening, the original online order went through again. So now I charged with two orders!
I cannot cancel either of the products as they've been sitting in Puralator for days.

Bestbuy's website is still giving me errors when I try checking on statuses.

This is unacceptable!

Please help me cancel my original order  Smiley Sad

I've never been so frustrated trying to spend money.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: Double Charged on my Credit Card!

You will need to contact customer service. This is a peer to peer forum, no one has the ability to help you here