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Good customer service repeatedly.

We have been in to the Guelph Best Buy location several times, both when it was futureshop, and suffered from abyssmal service, and since it switched brands. In the computer/apple area we were helped on two occassions by a guy, possibly named Jason, not very old, but helpful and polite, directed us toward what we were after, vs something we didn't really need. 

Two other times we were helped at the check out by the same  cashier -team member. She was polite, helpful, and knowledgeable. The second time we were in, she remembered we had mentioned purchasing a game for our dd for Chrsitmas which was coming out the day we were in before,  and asked if we'd gotten a copy, as she had some in stock. We hadn't gotten one, so we did.  I really appreciated that she remembered us and thought to ask, since we'd forgotten! I don't have her name but it's likely a code on my reciept. If someone from best buy wanted to contact me, and get that information, that would be fine. I complain when I get bad service, so when I get good service, I think the employee deserves to be recognized for being above average.

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Re: Good customer service repeatedly.

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welcome to the Best Buy Plug-in forum @jellyfishmum

We are thankful for any and all comments you have, on how we can improve the quality of service to our loyal clients.  Thank you for sharing your experience here, on the Plug-in forum.


Should you wish , you can also inform the rest of the company. The particular store and employee will get the appropriate recognition. You can complete an on-line satisfaction survey by using information found at the bottom of your reciept.  The salesperson's information is attached to the invoice, and has a unique 4 digit code. Once you enter the information on the web site, the particular transaction will be noted, and appropriate recognitioon will be given to the salesperson that helped you.

By completing the survey, you will have an excellant chance of winning up to $1000 for any comments made.

I have on 2 occassions served clients, that came in with the gift certificates they received, it was a truely joyful experience.




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Re: Good customer service repeatedly.

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us @jellyfishmum! I'd love to pass this along to the district and store team to get Jason and the other associate the kudos they deserve, please private message me with your receipt details? The "customer key" towards the bottom is all I would need. 


Thanks again for sharing the good news with us! Can definitely use more of that around here Smiley Wink


Happy Friday!

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