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Horrible place to shop

What a horrible place this is to shop.


I went in to buy a specific camera having done my research. I couldn't get any help. I even lifted supposedly rugged cameras and dropped them from two feet, but it didn't disturb the chatting staff. After 10-15 minutes as I was leaving I was offered help. I explained what I wanted and the assistant checked but couldn't find it despite there supposedly being 3 in the store. he/she went and checked and told me that not only was the on-line stock wrong but they have none in the country. Then he explained that Best Buy deliberately shows incorrect stock to pull people in and up-sell them.


Thanks to the honest and sole hard working employee in the store.



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Re: Horrible place to shop

Hi there,

unfortunate experience indeed. Which camera model were you looking at?

And as for the comment on the employee making regarding stock levels I would definitely reach out to either that stores management team or Customer Service via the 1800 number and inform them, as that is definitely not accurate. And there are some significant coaching opportunities for that employee to be had.

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Re: Horrible place to shop

It sounds like me that it was likely just a bad employee (or someone having a bad day) and just didn't want to take the time to actually look and find what you wanted


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Re: Horrible place to shop

I agree with @Computers_Mike and @Drax86, I would certainly reach out to the store's management, about the stock statement made by that employee. Best Buy Management goes to great lengths to ensure that Sales staff do not provide false or misleading information to clients.

Also note that, if you see an item on web site which is not physically available in the store, please go to the Customer Service area, where the item may be specially ordered for you from any of the Best Buy stores in Canada, this is called "ship from store", and is designed to make sure that clients get the products and services they need.