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How to file complaint, hotline doesn't help

Recently bought a pair of laundry machines and experienced horrible delivery service. The hotline only records the issue but can never solve it. I was told an"escalation request " has been filed, but need to wait for 7-10 week days to a call back  - just a "call back", not even a firm solution. Can you imagine that's an "escalation request" ? 

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Re: How to file complaint, hotline doesn't help


I am sorry to read about your experience. However, customer service does not monitor or participate on the forum. This is a peer-to-peer discussion forum and not a customer service centre, so the community team on the forum cannot resolve customer service issues. You always have the option of requesting that your issue be escalated further and inform customer service that you are unhappy with the service you have received thus far. If your wish is to make a formal complaint, you also have the option to make a formal complaint to customer service as well.


If you prefer to have the customer service department reach out to you over email instead of calling them yourself, please send me a private message and provide me with your name, email, and order number. Since you have already been in contact with them already, my forwarding your info along will be in addition to the correspondence you have already had with them, but ultimately, it is they who will be coordinating with you. I can forward your contact info along to them, however, keep in mind that they will not be able to reach out to you instantaneously.


If this is specific to a store, you can also call that specific store and speak to a manager.







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FYI: Thanks for posting on the forum. For those who are not aware, this is a peer-to-peer forum. The majority of posts on here are from members of the peer-to-peer community made up of other customers and forum participants. They provide great peer-to-peer advice and feedback. If you have a customer service matter or an inquiry about an order, please call customer service at 1-866-237-8289 to have your matter addressed.


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