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Lost of sale due to website down

I am quite aware that it cannot be helped that the site from time to time will need to go down for maintenance but this isn't the first time that I encountered this and everytime I would look else-where to find a cheaper or equal deal somewhere else. 


I know that you shrug it off but every buyer, every sale counts in the end.


I ended up ordering the STRDH550 from **competitor** because I couldn't get online to your website even though I saw the Sony on-sale in your flyers. Your advertising dollars results ended up in Costcos' pockets.


Here are a few ideas for your website that you should consider. 


1. use a reduncdant website that can be up and running during maintenance. This way you don't have lost sales.

2. allow cancellations for up to 2 hours. This saves on shipping especially when we return items that the order should have been cancelled.

3. you should never have that new year countdown lockout.  What had happen on new year day was because I felt pressured to buy within a time limit when the clock counted down for selecting from a fake new year web site entry that I ended up ordering a bunch of stuff that I ended up returning. I didn't mean to, but this ended up in shipping costs that was caused by a fake limitation of website shoppers.


Thanks for listening...

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Re: Lost of sale due to website down

This is a peer to peer forum, you can contact customer service and have them pass on your ideas to the required departments, but this forum doesnt get monitored by those people. 


As for your ideas I have a few comments


1. Redundant isnt always possible, websites go down due to traffic load or bugs and not just maintenance. Even when switching from testing server to live server there can still be some down time.

2. Cancellations are allowed until the item has been processed and shipped (or preparing to ship) which is sometimes much longer than the 2 hours you are suggesting

3. I dont recall a count down lock out, if it was part of a "flash sale" then thats the point, that you need to make up your mind and purchase before the sale times out, I dont think shipping costs hurt them very much considering the majority of stuff is free shipping, they probably get some huge discount rate from Canada post just due to the high volume