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Reserve & Pick Up





Reserve and Pick Up


Reserve and Pick Up makes getting your order even easier than reserving a table at a restaurant! No hassle, no commitment, and no memberships required! During store hours, you should receive confirmation around 20 minutes after making the reservation.


To get same day pick up, simply:


  1. Click the “Reserve in Store” button in your cart or as you browse the site.

  2. Choose the store you want to pick up from.

  3. Enter the contact information of the person picking up the item (the reserved item(s) will be held under this name).

  4. Click “Reserve Now”.

  5. Within 20 minutes (during regular store hours, of course), you should receive an email confirming your reservation. Do not go to the store before receiving this confirmation.

  6. Once in store, head to the Reserve and Pick Up desk (some stores may direct you to the Customer Service counter.)*

  7. Provide the contact information you entered online, pay for your item, and you’re done!

Please note: Items will be held for 24 hours from the time the confirmation email is sent. After 24 hours, your reservation will be cancelled and the items will return to store stock.

*If you’ve reserved a mobile device, the associate at the Customer Service/Pick Up desk will escort you to the Best Buy Mobile counter where you will receive and pay for your device. You should set aside at least 30 minutes to ensure your device will be set up properly and all your questions can be answered.

Reservations are processed by staff right in the store you choose, so outside of regular store hours, and during periods of increased store traffic, your confirmation email may arrive after more than 20 minutes. If you wish to cancel your reservation, simply call the store you chose for pick up and they’ll take care of it for you. 



At certain times, and for certain products, Reserve and Pick Up may be unavailable to allow all customers in-store and online equal access to:


  • Specific sale items (e.g. Boxing day/Week sale items)
  • Limited quantity/hot items
  • Online-only items
  • Large items that require Scheduled Delivery
  • Services (e.g. Geek Squad, Service Plans, etc.)
  • Gift Cards
  • Pre-order items




Why was my Reserve and Pick Up order rejected?
Sometimes an item may show as being available for pick up at, but by the time the store receives your order and looks for the items to reserve, these items may already have been sold to another customer. Be sure to wait until you receive your Reserve and Pick Up notification email before going to the store. For items with limited quantities, Best Buy reserves the right to decline orders to ensure stock is available for walk-in customers.


Can I reserve an item and have someone else pick it up?
Yes. When you’re reserving your item online, be sure to enter the other person’s contact information so the item can be reserved under their name. They will receive a notification email within 20 minutes (during store hours), after which time they can head to the store and purchase the item.


How do I purchase a Performance Service Plan for a store pick up order?
At the time you pick up your order at the store, an associate will assist you if you wish to add a Performance Service Plan to protect your purchase.


What happens if I reserve an item and the price changes before I pick it up?
Once a reservation is confirmed by the store via email, it not only reserves the physical product for you in the selected store but also the price of that product at the time of the reservation. This means if the price goes up between the time your reservation is confirmed and the time you arrive at the store, you’ll still pay the price of the item when the reservation was confirmed. If the price is lower when you get to the store, in accordance with our Lowest Price Guarantee, you’ll pay the lower price.


Please note: If the price of a product is being displayed incorrectly we reserve the right to reject the sale at the incorrect price and process the sale using the correct price in accordance with our Conditions of Use.


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