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Stressful and Disappointing Experience Shopping Online

Best Buy Experience

On May 19th I went online to order the Samsung Chef refrigerator which was $4999. When I added the item to cart, the system informed me that there was a promotion offering 10% of my APPLIANCE if I purchased a Samsung 4K TV. I decided to take advantage of this promotion and added a tv to my cart and checked out. (Order 1)
Problem 1:
I noticed that the discount was not applied and immediately called customer service to rectify the situation.
Problem 2:
The representative I spoke with was extremely slow and seemed completely confused. Kept putting me on hold. Finally came back and said "yes, both items qualify for this promotion. I have credited your account $80"!!!!!!! (Last time I checked, 10% of $ 4999 is no where near $80). When I informed the rep that this was the wrong credit amount, she put me on hold again, for quite some time and finally came back saying "yes, I've credited the $499." As I was waiting, I noticed that there was an open box of the refrigerator I was purchasing that was in "perfect condition" according to the site and listed for $4299. I told the rep about this and she informed me that I would have to place a new order and she would cancel the first order. She placed me on hold and I went ahead and placed the order for the open box with the tv as she informed me that the open box also applied to the promotion. (Order 2)
Problem 3:
When she came back she informed me that the open box was out of stock. I asked her if this was because I just ordered it and it's now showing out of stock bc I have reserved it. She assured me this was not the reason, that it was out of stock and they would be canceling my order anyway. (At this point I went back to the page for the open box refrigerator and it was greyed out and said "out of stock". I assumed someone else must have beat me to buying it). She said "so I'm going to go ahead and cancel your new order and leave the original one". After she cancelled the order, while I was still on the phone and she was confirming the original order with the credit, I refreshed the page and noticed that the open box was again available for order (probably bc she had just cancelled my order that was reserving it). At this point I was so frustrated, I thanked her and hung up, deciding to call back and speak with another representative. When I hung up, I immediately called back and while I waited, I again placed the order for the open box and the tv so as not to loose item. (Order 3)
When the next rep answered, I informed them of the situation. They confirmed that the latest order (# 3 ) was good to go...
Problem 4:
...And tried to cancel the first order. Too much time had passed (order 1 and 3 were placed 25 minutes apart but by the time they got around to trying to cancel, we would have just passed 30 minutes) and she was unable to cancel my first order. I was informed the TV was already shipping and I would have to either refuse the delivery and wait for the item to be sent back to Best Buy and then wait for a credit (about 3 week process) Or to take the tv in to my nearest Best Buy to get a credit. The refrigerator they would TRY to cancel.
Problem 5:
$6700 was charged to my credit card for the first order (without the $499 credit I was supposed to have received) Now my available balance was significantly depleted.
Problem 6:
I spoke to 3-4 reps over 3-4 different phone calls over the next few days to ensure that the first refrigerator order was cancelled. Only on the last conversation did the rep forward me to the correct department that cancelled the order and in their words "why didn't they transfer you to us the first time. We could have taken care of this".
Problem 7:
Because I was charged for the first order, there were insufficient funds on my credit card to allow the purchase of Order #3. (Which I again had to fight for the 10% discount!!!!!). But I received an email on May 20th telling me I had 5 business days to call in and change method of payment or order would be cancelled. I called in that night and changed the payment to my mom's credit card (as mine was still tied up from the first order). On Monday May 22, I received an email that my order had been cancelled due to payment?!?!
At this point I called in and spoke with an EXTREMELY helpful rep who was very apologetic and really took the time to write out the issue and escalate situation. I can not say enough about how kind and attentive this rep was. I only regret not getting his name.
Anyhow, I waited to be contacted by Customer Experience and on May 24th I receive an email from Antony J. He outlined what had happened with each of the three orders. (All have been cancelled) Problem 8:
He offered no compensation for the trouble I had gone through to this point and simply suggested I re-place the order for the open box WITHOUT the television. (This, in my opinion, is another example of poor customer service on Best Buy's part. I had numerous conversations and reexplained my situation too many time to count at this point.)
He also said that once I placed the order, to give him the order number and he would apply the 10% promotional discount to the refrigerator.
I went ahead and ordered the open box yet again (Order #4) I ordered within minutes of receiving his email and I sent him the order number in as many minutes after. Then I waited.
In the meantime I received an ereceipt that I got an $80 credit on my order (AGAIN!!! $80?!? NOT 10% OF $4299)
I wrote another email explaining this. Finally, the next evening, I received an email from Antony letting me know he has applied the $429 discount (10%) and he sent an ereceipt attached. With taxes, it came to $480.25.
Problem 9:
As of writing this on May 31st, I still have not received this credit back on my card. The full charge for the order went through but no credit for this amount. The email about the credit was sent May 25th.

But alas, My order was finally on its way to be delivered on May 31st!

Problem 10:
By chance I noticed on Monday May 29th that the shipping address was set to my old mailing address (I am in the process of moving). The original three orders were being shipped to the correct address in Cambridge. This last one somehow reverted back to my old Milton address. I spoke to Raj and he informed me that they do not change delivery address once order is placed. We would have to cancel and reorder. I said absolutely NOT!!! My cc would be tied up all over again. I was not asking to change the address to an unknown address. I wanted it changed to the billing address for the order. I could not possibly commit fraud if I am sending the product to the person who paid for it....
He was very sympathetic and said he would contact the fraud department for me and see if they would make an exception. He would call me back to let me know.
Raj called back that same afternoon with good news. The Fraud department had approved the address change. It was taken care of. "Your fridge will be delivered on Wednesday. On Tuesday you will get a call with a delivery window." I asked if the delivery date would get postponed as the address was in a different city and he said "no no, it's still scheduled for Wednesday"

Problem 11:
May 31st, I drove to Cambridge for my delivery window and after sitting there for 1 hour, I got a call from the delivery guys asking if I was on site at the Milton address to accept the delivery of the refrigerator. I nearly broke down in tears!!! I told them they were at the wrong address and they said they would contact dispatch. They left the wrong address and dispatch called me. They confirmed that they did have an email to cancel Wednesday's delivery order but never got a new request with a new address. She asked me to call Best Buy to see what they could do.

Once again, I called Best Buy and the best that could be done is to escalate the situation once again. Again, I am waiting to hear back from Customer Experience to HOPEFULLY get a final resolution to my simple request of purchasing a refrigerator. I STILL don't know when I will get my fridge AND I'm still out $400+

With the exception of two reps, Best Buy's personnel have been lacking. Unknowledgeable, unhelpful and downright unconcerned with our experience. Zero effort has been made to compensate us for this terrible experience. I very clearly have gotten the message that this big company doesn't need my business and could care less if I return my business to them.
My husband and I have ordered several times from Best Buy and never imagined we would be in this situation with them.
I am shocked at the lack of interest this company has taken in remedying a situation that has consistently been made worse by Best Buy and their representatives.
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Re: Stressful and Disappointing Experience Shopping Online


I am sorry to read about your experience, and thank you for your honest feedback. However, customer service does not monitor or participate on the forum. This is a peer-to-peer discussion forum and not a customer service centre, so the community team on the forum cannot resolve customer service issues. You mentioned that you have already been dealing with Best Buy personnel to resolve this matter, but I have also taken the liberty of forwarding what you have described in your post to one of the teams in the customer service department. I have provided them with the email in your forum profile. Someone from that department will reach out to you over email to provide all further assistance. Just keep in mind that they might not be able to provide an instantaneous response, but as of this point in time, I have already forwarded your issue along.







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FYI: Thanks for posting on the forum. For those who are not aware, this is a peer-to-peer forum. The majority of posts on here are from members of the peer-to-peer community made up of other customers and forum participants. They provide great peer-to-peer advice and feedback. If you have a customer service matter or an inquiry about an order, please call customer service at 1-866-237-8289 to have your matter addressed.


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Re: Stressful and Disappointing Experience Shopping Online

Thank you for your response and for reaching out to customer service for me. As I feel like I get stonewalled with Customer Service, any help and awareness toward the issue helps.