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Best Buy Financing

Hey guys so I was looking into financing options that best buy offers and I like the no interest 24 months payment option. What I was wondering is can I finance a laptop that is about $1200? I am a student and I just got my first credit card so do I need credit history? Also does my credit card limit matter? What do they check when approving for financing? Any help would be appreciated so thanks in advance everyone
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Re: Best Buy Financing

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Hey @logibear56789 ,

You would need to apply for the Best Buy financing card, which is essentially a new credit card.  Your credit rating is important, but I have seen students get approved before.  Your best bet would be to go in to a local store and talk to the folks there.  If you wanted to apply there, make sure to bring photo ID and a credit card (they use it to do the credit check).  I can't say if you will get approved (since it isn't up to me) but having limited credit history doesn't necessarily mean you won't get approved.

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