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Please cancel my Geek Squad membership

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I am hoping someone can help me with this without having to escalate.


Please cancel my Geek Squad membership and have any membership fees paid after 29th January (today) reimbursed because the membership was issued by providing false information, and cancellation was refused even though multiple staff members acknowledged that legally I had every right to cancel.


The incorrect information provided by Best Buy staff was as follows:


When I purchased my laptop from Best Buy in Sunridge on 20th January, Romita – the girl who eventually helped me – told me that since I had been so patient, and because of all the hassle, she would give me $100 off my laptop and add Geek Squad membership, which I could cancel at anytime without penalty if I didn’t use it.


There are countless online reviews about Best Buy staff lying to customers, so I made sure to confirm – yes, I could definitely cancel without penalty and no, the discount wasn’t conditional on my continued Geek Squad membership.


Romita even pointed to the receipt where it said I could cancel in 14 days without penalty. “No contract” she kept saying. And that’s where the false information and hidden charges began.


Per the Geek Squad terms and conditions online, and the cancellation conditions on the purchase receipt, I can cancel my membership at any Best Buy store within the first 14 days and not be charged. Imagine my surprise when I went into two different Best Buy stores, and the staff simply refused to cancel my membership.


Having not used my Geek Squad service, I went into 17th Ave Best Buy on 29th Jan to cancel it. I was immediately told that to cancel my membership I’d have to pay a service fee because Best Buy staff had set up my laptop.


To be clear – no one from Best Buy had even touched my laptop let alone set it up, and there was absolutely no evidence to suggest they had. I asked if there were notes on my account, records, anything to suggest I had used a set up service – she said no, but she would still charge me for it if I cancelled my membership.


The girl at Best Buy on 17th Ave told me I had to go to the store where I made the original purchase and request cancellation there, or be charged for a service I never received. I asked if she could call Best Buy at Sunridge instead of me driving across town – surely she could check anything she needed to over the phone. She refused.


This condition is not mentioned in any of the paperwork. But what could I do? She simply refused to cancel my membership.


So I drove across town to Best Buy in Sunridge, where I made the original purchase. The manager, Sammim, told me that to cancel my membership I’d have to pay $100, to offset the discount I had been given when I purchased the laptop.


I explained that the discount was not conditional on the Geek Squad membership. I further asked if there was any evidence – any at all – to the contrary and was told no. None the less, Sammim wouldn’t cancel my membership unless I paid $100.


The fact that a manager was immediately called when I politely asked to cancel my membership suggests that Best Buy gets a lot of problems like this.


Unlike Best Buy on 17th Ave, Sammim never mentioned a set-up fee, even before he had looked at my details. If this is standard, surely it would have been his first response, just like the girl at Best Buy on 17th Ave. Instead he immediately targeted the discount. It’s as if every store has their own story to extract money from the customer.


My experience, and the experience of multiple online reviews, shows that Best Buy staff use deceitful and aggressive tactics to attract Geek Squad membership, and then refuse to cancel the membership without fees - whether or not those fees are valid.


Even when a team member acknowledged there was no evidence that I should be charged, and even though the terms and conditions state that I have every right to cancel without penalty, they simply flat out refused.


I’m not asking for much – just to cancel my Geek Squad membership without having to escalate this very simple issue. I've had it for less than 14 days and never used it.


Training your sales team not to lie would be nice too, but I understand that may be a long shot.

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Please cancel my Geek Squad membership

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Hey, @Anon.


Thanks for your thorough post. As this is a peer-to-peer public forum and not a customer service centre, your request will actually need to be handled by the members of Best Buy's customer service team. The community team can't make any decisions on or speak to any of these types of issues. I would have to forward this along to one of our teams in customer service. If you have not already gotten in touch with them, and you have any questions about contacting them, feel free to send me a private message. 



FYI: Thanks for posting on the forum. For those who are not aware, this is a peer-to-peer forum. The majority of posts on here are from members of the peer-to-peer community made up of other customers and forum participants. They provide great peer-to-peer advice and feedback. If you have a customer service issue, complaint, problem with your account, or inquiry about an order, please call customer service at 1-866-237-8289 to have your matter addressed.


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Please cancel my Geek Squad membership

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forget customer service team. No such thing exists at Best Buy Canada. They best you can hope for is they will forward your email to the original store in question for resolution. I've been dealing with the same situation for over a month now. Good Luck to you and please keep us posted on any progress you achieve.

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Please cancel my Geek Squad membership

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unfortaunte experience you are having for sure.


As @BBYTerence said we cannot do anything for you on this forum.


Your best bet, is to go to the store you purchased the laptop at and ask to speak to the Store manager in particular. Explain the situation breifly such as no service was performed and such and they should be able to return it for you no problem at the store level.


Best of luck

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Re: Please cancel my Geek Squad membership

I'm surprised and happy to say Samim - the store manager - called and offered to fix everything.

He also said he would use this as a coaching opportunity for his staff to improve service in the future.


I had to go into the store in person again, but Sammim made it easier by offering to come in outside his normal roster if needed. He really made fixing things as easy as he could.


Yes, it took a long angry post to get this resolved, but at least it's fixed now.

Hopefuly the coaching improves things going forward too.