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How do I send a message to the community?

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 This was submitted to Best Buy Head office on Sept. 2nd with no response.



I thought maybe someone at corporate might like to know how their reward zone customer service phone line is handled. 


My name is Dan.  I called customer service and spoke to a tech agent who couldn’t answer my questions about the reward zone.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  He said he would transfer me.  That was approximately 1+ hours ago.  I’m still on hold with that call.  At the 45 minute mark I called again hoping to get a supervisor to speak to.  I called on my cell phone.  I got Julia.  I asked if she had a staff # to identify her.  She told me she wasn’t allowed to give out that information.  I said well how will I distinguish you from the other Julias that work there?  She said just ask for her.  After about 5 minutes on hold I was cut off.   Hmmm. I called again.  This time I got “Johny”.  He transferred me right away to a supervisor.  That was about 20 minutes ago.  Now I am on hold on two phones for a supervisor.  Not once has the original tech agent come back online to say there is a delay or that the supervisor is busy.  Wow.  Best Buy, you should be ashamed to have staff that treat your customers this way.  I’m going to hang up on both lines now.  It’s obvious that the tech agents are either told to do this or they do it so that they have a good call rating or something.  I cannot think of any other reason to do this to a customer.


Anyway,  thanks for listening.  Not that anyone cares anyway,






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Re: How do I send a message to the community?

Please check your private messages @DanDietrich - If you are still in need of assistance, I'd be pleased to have our Customer Experience team connect with you and get this straightened out. 



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