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Issue placing order with FS card

My computer recently stopped working so i was planning on building a new one. but everytime i try to place my order with my future shop card i get this error: 


We are unable to process your credit card at this time. It is possible that you have entered an invalid card number; the card type does not match the card number format; your card is not an accepted method of payment; your bank has a hold on your card; or the card number associated with this account has been closed, Please contact your financial institution or try another card. (0095)


i called the number on the credit card and they told me that there were orders or 0.00 that were trying to go through when the actual order is 764.93. he told me that it was an issue with best buys online side.


when we called bestbuy customer service they didnt really do anything to help besides tell me that FS is bestbuy now. i told him that it still accepts FS cards but he didnt do anything.


weve been trying to order for 2 days now, today is the 3rd. would really appreciate some help figuring this out.


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Re: Issue placing order with FS card

Hi @TacticalTACO,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiecning some difficulties when placing your order. That is definately frustrating. 


I would be happy to escalate this situation with our Customer Experience team and they can assist in getting everything sorted out. 


Please check your 'INBOX' up top of this screen and reply back when you can with the info requested.


Thank you,

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