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Problems placing order with FS card

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I just called custumer service regarding a difficulty passing an online order. I talked to Kyle. I explain when I tried to pass the transaction on my Future Shop credit card, I get this message:


The following errors occurred:
We are unable to process your credit card at this time. It is possible that you have entered an invalid card number; the card type does not match the card number format; your card is not an accepted method of payment; your bank has a hold on your card; or the card number associated with this account has been closed, Please contact your financial institution or try another card. (0095)



I called the credit card help number. They told me everything was ok. They saw a charge of 0.00$ had just tried to pass (the actual purchase was 333.85$). They informed me the problem was on bestbuy online's side. 


Kyle first asked to re-enter my credit number under visa or MC (?). I did. obviously, that didn't work.


When he couldn't find another solution, he asked me to use another card. I told him that didn't fix my Future Shop credit card problem. He then told me the reason was because Future Shop was closed. I informed him that BB still accepts FS cards and reminded him the Desjardins (FS) credit card service told me everything was ok with my account. He told me there was nothing else he could do. I told him i found this unacceptable. He put me on hold and then told me he would escalate the issue. I asked who would call me back. He answered no one would....


I found his service to be a complete waste of time. Kyle was a nice enough guy but kept giving rdiculous answers. I'd like to escalate the issue myself but dont't who to write to. I'd also like to know why I cant use my FS card.


Thanks for any help.


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Re: Problems placing order with FS card

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Sorry to hear you've been having some issues @benning! Smiley Indifferent


Hoping this is all sorted out for you by now by Customer Service but in case it isn't, please do send me a private message with your contact details and I'll forward you over to the right team. 



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