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Question about Price Match Denial

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I made a purchase last mid-November (15-19th) around 8:40 PM @ 580 King St. N, Bldg. B, Waterloo, ON N2L 6L3 for Dell Inspiron 15.6" Gaming Laptop - Black (Intel Core i7-6700HQ 6th Gen/1TB HDD/8GB RAM/Windows 10) with 4GB NVIDA/1 TB HDD + 8GB Cache / 8 GM RAM / No-Touch / Full HD / 6700HQ configuration out of the Dell 7559 Inspirion series (web code 10397055).


I questioned a presumably black bald man (he was wearing the Best Buy uniform) and showed him my Iphone about the entry DELL 15.6" i7559-2512BLK Intel Core i7 6700HQ (2.60 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 8 GB Memory 8 GB SSD 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Gaming Laptop which is the exact same model.


The price on **competitor** was $1099.99 (end item URL, N82E16834298771CVF) at the time plus shipping.

The price at Best Buy was $1299.99 with no discounts.


The price did drop a month later to around $1150 and now ends on sale as $1099.99, however when I inquired the gentleman at the time of question, he said that BestBuy did not do price matches except major online retailers like **competitor**.


Now I know this is out of my way since it's over 30 days, but is there any way I could get a credit differential for the price difference I paid if **competitor** was considered a 'major online retailer'? Was this customer service representative right or just lying or did not know price match applies to **competitor** as well? 


Also I believe if the policy did apply, the CSR made a claim out of ignorance - however I still don't understand why **competitor** is censored on this forum if it is actually a competitor, and since there is no incentive or commision to be made from discounting or price matching, the CSR willfully lied to me about BestBuy not matching **competitor**.


Second question,

is there a way to get my reciept emailed again to the right e-mail address or at least again (if it is required to get a credit difference)? The purchase was made on Debit, not cash.

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Re: Question about Price Match Denial

Hey, @Nam2017.


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Customer service would be the ones who can answer your questions and speak to any potential resolutions. If you have not contacted customer service already, I can assist by forwarding your info along to them to have someone reach out to you by email. Just send me a private message and let me know.




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