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Replacement gift card

I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for many years.


Unfortunately my wallet was stolen, my BB gift card was taken along with it. It had a balance of approximately $150. This gift card was given to me as a gift, so I do not have the receipt. However, this gift card has been used to make other purchases through BB online (linked to my e-mail address), so I have proof of owning it.


I tried calling gift card customer service. At the very least I wanted the card deactivated so that I could try to track down the receipt from the person who gave me the gift. After 1.5 hours of ppl not listening to my situation and just transferring my call (6 representatives) I called **competitor** and Dundas store. I was placed on hold for approximately 0.5 hour and rudely spoken to.


I wanted to use the gift card toward the purchase of the Bose Soundlink Mini. However, in light of the terrible customer service, if I can't recover this gift card, I will take my business elsewhere for this purchase and other purchases in the future. 


I am posting here in a final effort to get a BB moderator will see this and help me out.

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Re: Replacement gift card

That is an unfortunate sitiuation, someone may be able to help, but you may end up just being out of luck as Best Buy is under no obligation to replace stolen or lost Gift Cards


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Re: Replacement gift card

Very sorry that call led you through six transfers @mtk and for the loss of your wallet! I'd be pleased to put you in touch with the Customer Experience team here who can look in to all those details and assist, would you please send me a private message with your contact details and an order number where the card was used? I'll have them connect with you directly to resolve and also address the experience you had! Smiley Happy

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