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no help with future shop card

Its been over 2 weeks now since i made my first post about my futureshop card not working on the online store. i keep getting the error: 

We are unable to process your credit card at this time. It is possible that you have entered an invalid card number; the card type does not match the card number format; your card is not an accepted method of payment; your bank has a hold on your card; or the card number associated with this account has been closed, Please contact your financial institution or try another card. (0095)


ive talked to an admin and given them multiple emails/phone numbers to contact me at to fix this. i keep getting a reply that they sent this to there technical support and they would contact me within the next 48 hours but i still get nothing. no emails, no phone calls. id really like to order my computer parts soon because ive now been without a working one for over 2 weeks.

im really unimpressed with the customer support i am getting.

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Re: no help with future shop card

Hi @TacticalTACO


sorry to hear that you still haven't heard back - I've re-escalated your issue! I've also sent you a private message, take a look and reply to me there.



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