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Are LIFX bulbs coming to Best Buy in Canada?

LIFX bulbs are avaliable at Best Buy stores in the US.  I can get them shipped to Canada on; however, I don't like the currency exchange.  Is Best Buy planning on selling LIFX light bulbs in Canada?

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Re: Are LIFX bulbs coming to Best Buy in Canada?

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Hi there @daylenca, happy to have you join us at Plug-In! Smiley Happy


I've checked in with the team here to find the Lifx bulbs are currently being considered but we cannot confirm at this time whether we will be carrying them. Keep an eye on our newsletter for the latest releases and follow the links to check out a few options that may interest you!


Philips Hue 9W A19 Smart LED Light Bulb Starter Kit

WeMo 10W Smart LED Light Bulb Starter Set (F5Z0489fc) 


You can also view the entire selection of Smart Lights here.


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