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How do I make this work with that?

So.., you purchased a smart TV, smart universal remote, smart surveillance system, smart thermostat, smart phone, smart tablet, smart garage door opener, smart lights, smart washer and dryer...,

And now you have several applications on your smart device that are driving you crazy, and you're thinking you need a college course to operate them all and synchronize them, so that you know what's what, and when something is happening.

How can you get all these smart devices to work together, without having to become a rocket scientist .

Introducing IFTTT ( If This Than That ) application. Tadaa !!Smiley Happy

This wonder, will integrate most all smart devices seamlessly. You will need to install this application, either on your smart device and or computer, and then create a "recipe". This is very simple and easy to do.

The list of supported brands and devices is growing daily on IFTTT.

Example, If my Surveillance camera system is triggered, then my Smart lights will turn on in the house and then notify me through my smart phone etc..,

Or, how about changing your smart phone's wall paper?  If a web site updates it's picture of the day, then it will install it on your cel phone/tablet, so that each day you'll be greeted by a different image.


Have you used this application yet? If so, what do you use it for? What will you use it for now that you know about it?


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Re: How do I make this work with that?



Thanks for that! I'm only starting to learn more about smart home tech. IFTTT definitely seems like an excellent solution to getting all your smart home tech to sync and work together.


For me, I would definitely want to sync my temperature controls, lighting, and entertainment systems to my phone.


What kind of smart home tech does everyone else use, if any?


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Re: How do I make this work with that?

I just discovered a IFTTT recipe, to turn on the TV and Cable box for a specific channel and time using a Logitech Haromony Hub remote . Smiley Happy