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Light up my Life Lutron Caseta!

Light up my Life Lutron Caseta!


When I became a bachelor in 2004 and moved into a one bedroom apartment, I installed my old leviton remote switch to controll my bedside lamps; very important for a bachelor to find his bed in a well lit room and to turn off the lights easily by a switch by his bedside. 


Apple Homekit


I had just upgraded to IOS 10 on my iphone when I noticed I had this new "Home" icon claiming that the homekit can unified the  control of all my lighting, thermostat, alarms and more. I thought this would be a good time to replace my old leviton switch with a lutron in-wall switch and and the pico switch can be mounted by the bedside.  In order to work with the Apple Homekit the Lutron Smart Bridge Hub is also needed which comes packaged as a  starter kit with two Wireless Dimmer Kit.  With my OCD thinking that if the package comes with two switches than buying a few more switches can replace all the  light switches in my apartment.  


With the Apple Homekit I've set up the following scenarios:

- leaving home, all my apartment lights will automatically turn off

- arriving at home, my foyer and hallway light will be on

- turning on the foyer light will turn on my hallway light automatically

- at the end of the hallway, turning off my hallway light will turn off my foyer light

- morning pitch black, hitting the middle button on my pico switch mounted beside my bedroom light switch (looks like another light switch), will turn on my ALL my apartment lights at 10% so I don't get this sudden blast of lights in the morning. It is like a whole house full of candles.

- turning on/off my office (dining room) overhead lights, automatically turns on/off a small floor lamp in the corner to give a balance lighting effect.


 In the end....  controlling my lights with Siri has been a hoot.

"Siri, dim the lights to 10%"

"You got it, Ralphael"