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Very smart business

I recently serviced a local business that seemed to be "self sustaining".

In this case, the location was outfitted with a smart Kevo lock system .

In this case, the owner could send a secured electronic key via email to a client that needs to use the rental facility at a particular hour.

As the business was also outfitted with a monitored Defender Pro security camera system,. it allowed the owner to have a record of who came in, what they did, when they left, all of which could be viewed in real-time, from any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

The best part.., the owner doesn't have to be there, they could be golfing, or creating other opportunities.




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Re: Very smart business

Very efficient use! One of my friends who is a business owner rents space at a gym studio that uses a system like this and finds it works perfectly. The records provided also give her a perfect snap shot of when her trainers are utilizing the studio and can be used to confirm the charges for the month etc. The studio owner never has to be on site! 

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