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home theatre system is coming up "Not supported mode" and cannot get the HDMI2 connection?

My pioneer surround sound is connected to the PVR and TV. I use one remote for the TV and the pioneer remote for the surround sound. I was watching a movie and pressed pause, came back and pressed play but no picture came on and I could still hear it but again no picture. I tried to reboot everything but when I go to TV and go down to input, source list, and then HDMI2. Usually then I grab the surround sound remote and use it to navigate to the movie through the menu button. However, now when I try go to HDMI2 it does not light up and when I remove the USB and turn off the surround and then try again all I get on the TV screen is HDMI2 in the top left corner and "Not supported mode" in the center of screen. I try go back and by that time the HDMI2 is not lite anymore? So somehow I am not getting the right connection. I checked all the plugs and everything is in right. For some reason I think it might have to do with the TV control # but who knows? I am hoping you can help me. I have rebooted everything several times and the tuner on the surround sound works but I cannot even bring up the menu using the surround sound remote and yes I did change the batteries. Please help!!!!

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Re: home theatre system is coming up "Not supported mode" and cannot get the HDMI2 connect

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It's entirely possible that the remote control was inadvertantly switched to a different mode by accident and a wrong selection by the remote was selected, which caused inputs to switch.

Can you confirm that the TV's input from the Pioneer is HDMI2, are there any other connections on the TV?

the "not supported" mode may have to do with the wrong surround/video settings or no proper signal.

What makes and models or receiver, TV, Cable provider are we dealing with?

If I may also recommend installing the latest firmware updates from Pioneer, you will need a blank USB drive.