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Re: warning Ring Video Doorbell Fees

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@SonicBoom you are absolutely and unequivocally right. I will definitely do some life research before posting ever again on these forums. Next time when I search for doorbell, I'll find this post and will steer clear away from this product. 


@Elico47 you are also absolutely and unequivocally right. Your decimination of my post was spot on with excellent answers to where I went wrong. I am an idiot to think that I could be right.


@Drax86 you went silent after I called you out for ownership, just checked and you didn't go silent, so  you are absolutely right too that the Ring is simply a doorbell and not a security device. I will not use my doorbell for security from now on. 


Am I being facetious? 


yes, you are absolutely right.

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Re: warning Ring Video Doorbell Fees


First and foremost, thanks for the heads up about the fees relating to the Ring recording service. I don't personally own one, but I have been considering this type of product, and that's definitely a factor that I could have missed in my research.

I'm not personally surprised by charges like this. There are a lot of added fees that are placed on the end user for products that are seemingly designed for those functions.

The key concern that I have with "optional" cloud recording isn't so much the charges, but whether the company is recording the footage anyway, and then simply charging the end-user for access. If this is the case, it begs the question of what they do with that information. I haven't read the EULA for this product, but I suspect there is something in there about potential data sharing with third parties who aren't specifically named, followed by a clause about users not having the ability to seek civil action against them.

At any rate, I do appreciate the heads up, and despite the back and forth that has happened here about whether or not this should have been a surprise, etc, etc, it's ultimately irrelevant. It's possible that this was an oversight on your part when you were doing your research, coupled with the possibility that the extra charges might not have been clearly labelled on the packaging. The fact is that you weren't aware of the charge, and were subsequently upset that it was there, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

At the end of the day, there's your side, the company's side and the truth somewhere in between. The company could likely have done more to let the end-user know that the fees are there, and you likely could have researched a little more closely to ensure you had all the information about the product before buying it. No matter what the truth is in all of this noise, I just want to thank you for bringing this information to the forum's attention, because this factor could be important to other users like yourself before they buy the product. Anything that makes important information known to more people is a good thing, so regardless of how this exchange went, thank you at least for the initial information.




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Re: warning Ring Video Doorbell Fees

Thanks @Juice0904, I think some of us got a little heated and its nice to have someone else come in with a level headed post such as yours


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Re: warning Ring Video Doorbell Fees

It's great to see differing opinions discussed about this topic. 


The forum encourages healthy engagement and discussion, and sometimes, there's bound to be some friendly debate. I'm certain most users of this forum are not mean-spirited.


Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts! 






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