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4K TVs that do HDR and Ultra HD alliance certified?



i am currebtly in the research phase of purchasing a 4K TV set. Specifically I am looking for a 4K TV that has HDR and is part of the Ultra HD premium certification with the UHD alliance. Are these sets coming out in the summer? The LG OLED I believe does this but is $5000 for the 55 inch. Any information on HDR/Ultra HD premium sets coming to BB would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 4K TVs that do HDR and Ultra HD alliance certified?

Hi @PompousDawson

Have you considered the Samsung S-UHD TV line? Models such as JS8500, JS8600, JS9000, JS9100 edge lit panels,  or JS9500 with full array local dimming type panel, and the S9 edge lit panel, are all 10bit panels with HDR .




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Re: 4K TVs that do HDR and Ultra HD alliance certified?

Wait until the dust has settled on which TV maker is going to support what HDR format. Its still a bit up in the air and the first crop of real 4k/HDR blurays only about 4 come from 4k or higher masters anyway. (Oh the irony-upscaled 4k blurays)For me Dolby Vision is the cats pajamas. By late summer this should have shaken out and HDR sets should start to come down in cost. However, if I were you id wait for the best tv in the world (the Panasonic CZ950 OLED) to make its way over here from Europe. Easily the best TV ever made for pic quality (once calibrated of course). Its so good it was made with the help of Hollywood colourists. Panasonic are the only maker right now to focus on accuracy, not gimmicry. For which they should be applauded. Google 'Panasonic OLED Mike Sowa' to see interviews with a man called Mike Sowa, a famous film post prod colourist, and he nigh on says 'this is the tv I would own'. Im hoping BBY stocks them so I can snag one.
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