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60 Inch TV to be used with Desktop as Monitor

Please advise the best TV options (brand/model) to use primarily as a monitor, connected through a desktop (VGA cable), to view presentations, graphics, etc., in a boardroom (without windows).   We may also need to connect other laptops and/or peripherals (USB ports), as well as access the internet for streaming.  We are considering the Sony Bravia KDL60EX645 - is this a good choice or do you recommend others? 

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Re: 60 Inch TV to be used with Desktop as Monitor

Most any Panel may be used for your applications, the best suggestion may be a Plasma screen.  LED, or LCD will also work well especially with higher refresh rates.

In either case considering that you will use the TV as a "Monitor", I'd highly reccomend that the Panel be ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Calibrated, so that if you have any printed material to be read, it will be legible at a distance, once calibrated.