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Choosing A Receiver

Hey everyone,


I just bought a pair of  Klipsch Reference IV (RF-82) speakers from a sale they were having at **competitor**.


I'm starting to set up a home theather in my basement for the first time. I've done my research and I want a 2.1 setup. I'll be picking up a subwoofer later in the year. My question is, how do I go about choosing a reciever that will power these speakers and how do i tell? I been reading about watts per channel and stuff like that, but I just can't understand it.


I'm not looking for anything fancy with the receiver either. I'll be simply adding a DVD player, cable box and my xbox to it.


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Re: Choosing A Receiver

Hi there,


Your best bet is to go into your local Best Buy. We'll be able to explain everything for you and find the best system for your needs.


Hope this help,


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Re: Choosing A Receiver

Your speakers are very sensitive (rated at 98db) with an 8ohm load so any modern receiver at any price point will be able to drive them with ease.  So don't worry about how much "power" a receiver pushes, just choose on features, ie: room correction, DLNA, Airplay..etc



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Re: Choosing A Receiver

Depends on the budget!
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Re: Choosing A Receiver

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Onkyo  has a reciever that will suit your needs perfectly in a 2.1 Networking reciever with Phono input as well az Zone 2 Pre-out, and Regular Pre-out/and Sub out, also with Digital inputs (optical and co-ax) and composite video inputs.

Highly recommended as a match for Klipsch, affluent power supply, with USB input.


Also when it comes to specification sheets, keep in mind that spec sheets will NEVER tell you how good any unit will sound with the rest of your equipment, in your listening room. Trust your ears ONLY, not someone elses.