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Re: Failed Audiophile School

So I bought the klipsch R10SW 10" 300-watt today as @Elico47 says to use Best Buy to test drive the various speakers :-P 


I'm totally confused now because just before I turned on the settings to 3/2.1 I was listening to how it sounded at 3/2 (no subwoofer output) and it sounded ok. I turned on 3/2.1 and whoa .... it was like a burst of subwoofer flavor.... solid bass sound surrounded me....


except the klipsch wasn't turned on (not plugged in)? like what the hello???....


Plugged in and turned on the Klipsch and yup everything just blended in, and I don't know if it is just in my head, but it seems that the klipsch is everywhere thumping with not loudness but with the feeling of music... The other Polk just sounded thumpy versus the Klipsch that sounded like a heavy musical bass.


Interesting..... This looks like a keeper....


Although it might have been one of the settings in the receiver that I have been playing around with which makes this so much more confusing. 


Ok... I'm done... this simply sounds awesome....

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Re: Failed Audiophile School

Glad you found your Happy Place.


Just to comment on your earlier remark, you can still make use of your full-size main speakers when you are listening to music, which is more often than not recorded in stereo.


If you are doing something else with your music, that's up to you, but I typically listen to music in stereo and movies/games in 5.1.