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Just watched Gravity 3D on PSVR

.... and was blown away.


I'm about 3 months late on realizing that my PSVR can play Blu-ray 3d disc, however I am working on catching up with a dozen 3d titles on its way from both Best Buy and other online stores. 


It is funny that I love 3d movies but I never bought into it because by the time the price of a 4k HDR dropped, 3d TVs are out of fashion. However luckily PSVR allows me to catch up on my 3d love and it is more impressive than watching it on a flat screen TV since it is so much "in your face" that you are literally immersed into the movie.


From reading various reviews on the net yesterday, one of the major problems is the drift. With all my lights off so that it doesn't affect the camera, all movements like head looking left and right still causes the headset to drift off center more and more with each head movement. Throughout the movie you have to hit the option button to re-center the screen; this was the only complaint I would have with this feature.


Despite the lower resolution of the headset, it was excellent in terms of watchability and is a great start for a first generation headset. 


I'm glad that I've chosen the PS4 as my first VR Headset rather than the Rift or Oculus. The versatility of the PS4 has amazed me from day one and the pricing is very reasonable. For example, I just bought Chess Ultra from Sony's onlne store for only $15 and you get a VR environment to play chess against an AI opponent or online opponents. 


If you are looking for the killer app, I really think that rather than a single App, it is the Sony PS4 VR itself that is the killer VR system. All we need in the next few years is simply a higher resolution headset.