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Let me tell you how a great sound system sounds like!

I was just listening to World Journey by Fleetwood Mac and it just blew me away.


It had been years since I heard this song and it was just one of the songs picked by **competitor** for its "I feel lucky" playlist.


When the song came on, all you can hear is the very faint hi-hat and guitars and I was actually looking around me to angle my ears to see which direction this hi-hat sound was coming from (I thought it was sound from the apartment upstairs); It sounded above my head. The song slowly grew louder and the kick drums kicked in and man you could literally feel the kick drums as though they were right there in the room with me, and this was at volume 11 which is really low volume level.


 Yes I was listening to this in stereo and I got a 3d'ish sound.



I have spent the last couple of weeks playing around with a set of speakers that I bought from Craigs that were NOT recommended by @Elico47, at least he told me so, on another post, to stop blaming him; man did he tell me so, go read his rant.


So I had no idea what a good set of speakers sounded like and when I asked on the forum all I got was the response to go and listen at the stores to various speakers to hear what you would like.  What would I like? what am I listening for? or listening to?


If you like me, I hate sales people which is why I dislike a certain member of this forum. They might give you a lot of technical terms that you may or may not understand, but at the end of the day, what is it that I'm looking for.


Apparently for me, it was the Klipsch R10SW 10" 300-watt powered Subwoofer


I had the polk Audio PSW10 10" 100-watt powered subwoofer the week before and the problem with all subwoofers is that once you turn them on from the receiver settings from 3/2 to 3/2.1 meaning 3 speakers front and center and 2 back speakers with one subwoofer, the bass is gone from the front speakers;  all bass is now routed through to the subwoofer. Of course once you blend the subwoofer in by the proper cutoff frequency and loudness, you won't notice the lack of bass on the front speakers.


A subwoofer does not supplement the bass sound in your speakers, it replaces the bass thus making all your large speakers basically a book speaker or satellites in frequency range. 


I did like the polk Audio subwoofer but at $150 I thought it was pricey for a subwoofer that sounded almost the same as my front speakers when the bass was fed through it. It was thumpier but just slightly.


I had no intentions of buying another subwoofer but @SonicBoom made me rethink the purpose of a subwoofer on my last post and after a bit of research along with the fact that the Klipsch was on sale at $400, I thought I would just take the klipsch for a spin.


So here is my best description of what a good speaker system sounds like.


Have you been to a concert where you are about 10 feet from the stage? So lets say you are not deafened by the concert you should get the gist of what I am hearing and feeling. Everything feel and sound 3d meaning you can feel the drums as it is being smacked and kicked and the bass guitar as it is being strumed. The voice is somewhere in the middle of the room.


I had forgotten what Alan Parson sounded like on a good system. 


There is no sound separation of left or right or even where the bass is coming from. All thumps are from the front/middle of the room.


If you ever had a great pair of headphones where sound seems to be coming from the middle of your head, this is about the same where you  can feel the music vibrating through your body and music is all around you and not just from a set of speakers at the front. The most amazing thing is that all this was in stereo and not even played in 5.1 surround sound.


Normally I play my music around level 15 to 20. With my new setup, I am comfortably listening to my music at level 9 and it smooth with just the right amount of thumps from drums, bass guitar. It has a 3d feel to it and it isn't flat.


The lower frequencies on the Klipsch somewhere around 32Hz and the fact that the klipsch has a copper cone which creates a much more pronounce thumpier bass may be the reason for the 3d feeling. I don't have the feeling that the thumps will wake the neighbours because the thumps are just that, a very very low vibration but not loud. In fact if you stand beside the subwoofer and put your hand on the subwoofer it barely vibrates. The only way you know that it is on is if you placed your hand in the port hole and you can feel a very slight puff of air as the bass is thumping away.


The most amazing thing is not only my subwoofer blending in, but the fact that my bass sounds like it is coming from the general front area between my front speakers. The Klipsch made the front speakers feel as though they were HUGE large speakers where-as the Polk Audio just made the large speaker feel large'ish


The whole effect is that I really feel that the music is coming from a sound stage within my living room and I don't even have to close my eyes to see and hear fleetwood mac.  More surprisingly was Alan Parson of which I fell in love with their music again. 


So there you have it. If you are looking for a great set of speakers, remember to buy a great subwoofer. What you are looking for is the sound of a real live band playing in your living room. Once you have found the spekers that transports your band into your living room, then you know you have fantastic speakers.




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Re: Let me tell you how a great sound system sounds like!

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I stand corrected.


You do not lose the bass when set to 3/2.1. It was something that I did in the receiver settings that probably cause the subwoofer cutoff to activate meaning that you don't get the large speaker effect.


2 Channel Stereo - no subwoofer output despite the speaker settings

A.F.D - full bass on front speakers and subwoofer supplement.


It has been a difficult journey and I might have to pick up the Polk to compare again.


Thanks for reading...