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Moving from Australia to Canada

Need a dvd/blu ray player to play Australian movies

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Re: Moving from Australia to Canada

Hi @LeanneCutler, welcome to the Best Buy Community Plug-In forum Smiley Happy

You will require a "region free" Blu-Ray / DVD player.

DVD's are coded as regions 1,2,3,4 and Blu-Rays are coded A,B,C as shown here.

Best Buy doesn't carry any such units at the moment, however they are available on-line.

Another option is to use a computer's Blu-Ray / DVD, at which point it'd be easier to locate and download an appropriate Codec on-line,to play Blu-Ray's or DVD's from Australia etc..,


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Re: Moving from Australia to Canada

While you can use a computer drive to play DVDs, I do believe you can only change the DVD region a limited number of times.


It is not the same as a region free player which can play any region.


A computer drive can only play one region, and needs to be reset to play another.

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Re: Moving from Australia to Canada

@SonicBoom  you are correct that they can only be set a limited number of times, however I know all the ones i have purchased started out Region Free and could play all regions