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Pik TV » Streaming w/ Telus

fyi.... Telus just launched a new service for cord cutters in BC and Alberta. It's call Pik TV.

  • cheaper than Optik
  • have access to local Canadian stations
  • user friendly interface
  • local content does not impact your Telus data allowance.  No need to get large or unlimited data plans
  • mobile app for phones and tablets
  • smaller channel choices compared to their Optik service
  • no PVR

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Re: Pik TV » Streaming w/ Telus

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I was looking at this when i first heard about it, its really good option for those people that want some TV without spending a ton on big Cable packages.


The one note though is that it sounds like you own the hardware, so if it breaks or becomes faulty to where it needs to be replaced you would be billed for a new one. 


Where with the big cable packages Telus will just swap out the hardware if it fails.


This is just my thoughts on the way they market the PIK, it may not be accurate