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Review: Sonos PLAYBASE redefines sound bar concept


What exactly is the Sonos Playbase? It’s not a sound bar…


Our tech blogger, Erin Lawrence, reviews the new Sonos Playbase. As opposed to a sound bar that you can clip to the wall or sit in front of your TV, the Playbase is made to act as a platform for your TV. The Sonos Playbase easily fills a room with crisp, clear sound.


Click here for the full review. 



What type of setup do you use for your TV or home theatre? Does anyone currently use a Sonos product?






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Re: Review: Sonos PLAYBASE redefines sound bar concept

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Erin did a great review of the new Sonos Playbase. The pairing problem she encountered is understandable, because whenever you add a Sonos speaker to your Sonos network, you need to unplug the power from other Sonos speakers in order to pair the new unit, once that's done, simply plug the other speakers back to power and you're done.

I actually went into a local Best Buy to have a listen to it, and I must say I was mildely impressed with the overall sound quality. I was particularly concerned about mid-range frquencies, centered around human vocal range, and found that the mid-range was quite clear and uncolouredHeart. This is where most sound bars and sound bases fail.

I realize that the Playbase is designed to be placed on a tabletop, but I was curious as to how dispertion characteristics would be affected, if the front edge of the playbase protruded over the edge of the tabletop, or even if the Playbase was raised off the surface by an inch or two..., but that's just me and my quest for perfection.Smiley Wink

The base response was astounding, and the ported cabinet was doing a great job without any chafing.

While the Playbase or PlayBar sound bar is designed to replace the TV speakers, I don't think it can replace a stereo receiver or surround receiver with speakers at the same price range.  Being able to place a minimum of 6ft. between a pair of speakers will provide significantly better stereo image and soundstage, not to mention more connectivity with a receiver, but the Sonos Soundbase is not competing for that market, rather to improve sound quality for the TV with a minimalist approach, and it does that very well, in my opinion.