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So I went in to the South Vancouver Best Buy store to get my cel phone upgraded. While waiting, I noticed that the new Sony OLED was on display, with the LG OLED not far away.

Well, the Sony's picture quality certainly got my attention, I've read a few reviews about it, but now I was witnessing the points I noted from the reviews, and to put it bluntly, I was mildly overwhelmed by the picture quality. I was expecting to see a marginal difference between the Sony, and the LG, who btw supply Sony with their panel. The difference was apparent, as soon as I tried to compare to the nearby LG. The Sony X1 processor was doing an amazing job providing a stunning picture quality with depth, colour and shade accuracy. I was wowed, the same way when I first saw an OLED, this is one heck of a TV !

I like Sony's innovative approach of using a sophisticated Transducer technology (this has been around for years), which turns the glass panel into a a stereo speaker system, however as it cannot reproduce lower octaves, a dedicated bass speaker is located in a convertible "kick-stand" that serves as a connection center and desktop pedestal, and attaches to the back of the ultra thin panel, when wall mounted.

Has anyone else seen the new Sony OLED?

I can't wait to see how Panasonic's OLED model will look when it becomes available


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Re: Sony OLED

The Panasonic sets are also absolutely amazing, they just had their "North American Premiere" at a certain electronics store in Toronto at the intersection of Bay and Bloor, they've also listed them on the Panasonic eStore too. Three large CEs now in Canada offering OLEDs, plasma owners can breathe a sigh of relief as the future looks bright, and also black (0.0000000000FL black to be precise!)