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TV Calibration Service

Are people here happy with the calibration services of Best Buy?


I bought an LG55LW5700 a few months ago and had it calibrated recently and I don't really see much of a difference.  I was expecting to see a night and day difference from what I've heard.  Is there any way to check that the calibration was done properly?





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Re: TV Calibration Service

Yes it makes a difference, in games and movies. For example, in Batman movies, typically all you'd see is black screen in darker scenes, to the point of no detail, after ISF calibration, I could actually see the movie..,for a change.

Colours are more real, lifelike, not over coloured like in commercials. Print is more legible when I plug in my laptop and email is easier to read.

So yes I think I got my money's worth both in TV and having the service done..,it also uses less power.

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Re: TV Calibration Service

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Re: TV Calibration Service

Like everything else in life, sometimes people can make mistakes or have a bad day. Im not saying the tech had a bad day or make a mistake, but anything is possible.


Can you post the settings as left, along with the make and type of TV? Then I can tell you if its about right. I can usually tell a rookie calibration done a mile off as usually they miss out on disabling 1 or 2 fundamental things, or forgetting to get the native aspect ratio right.


A tech will also leave you or email you a chart showing a before and after. Detailing things like gamma, and RGB points plotted against a colour sharkfin shape chart.


Also, you could also hire an independent cali tech (either ISF or THX certified) to double check it.

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Re: TV Calibration Service

I had my Plasma calibrated, and after I did Mine, my roomate got his 3 year older plasma calibrated by Geek Squad, having tried to do it himself using Calibration set up Blu Rays that he bought and with info he compiled on-line.

I LOVE my TV and now my Roomate really enjoys his as well..,however he had to re-discover all his gaming maps, as he now sees details he didn't pay attention to before. As for me, I can now read emails from my couch.

Most people at first don't like the "paler" look of a calibrated TV, because it doesn't "pop" at you, it's not till later that they realise how much more they actually see, or notice that things look natural..,as they should, or else we'd call it photoshop TV.

You can always switch to a factory pre-set like "Dynamic" "Vivid" etc. just to compare the ISF setting your agent used. More than likely the "Movie" or "Theater" mode was calibrated to ISF standards.


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Re: TV Calibration Service

 We had our TV calibrated yesterday, March 30.16. The Best Buy rep was excellent, he spent about 90 minutes getting the job done, half of that time I sat with him and he illustrated the differences between the factory  settings and his calibration work as he completed his calibrations.


The difference was substancial and it felt like  we got a  whole new tv. The images were much more clear, the color now looked realistic instead overly bright and washed out. I tried the blue ray player, a shaw on demand movie and the HD TV channels we subscibe to. All of it was one big improvement. We watched a movie last night and it had the best picture to date.


Our calibrator was certfied and stated  he has been doing this work for two years.  We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and would definetly recommend getting this done.


Our TV is a LG 65LF6300 65" LED 1080P




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Re: TV Calibration Service

Hi @LFM,


Welcome to Plug-in! Smiley Happy


Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience here with us! It sounds like you had a great experience. What was the first movie you watch once everything was calibrated and set up? 


Please feel free to send me a private message (click on my name, then scroll down the page, you'll see a ''Private Message' link on the right hand side) and let me know the associate who assited you so we can congratulate them internally here as well. We'd love to share your sentiments.


Thank you very much again, what a great way to start the weekend.


Have a nice weekend!

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