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Hi.  Has anyone purchased a TV from TVOutlet before?  I'm looking at purchasing a model not currently available through Bestbuy.  Its only available on Bestbuy Marketplace.

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Re: TVOutlet

I am sure you are aware that, all the TV's from this vendor are refurbished units.

Also, make sure to fameliarize yourself with this sellers return and shipping policies, as they differ from Best Buy Canada's policies.

Only accept the delivery after you inspected the shipping box, for any signs of shipping damage, refuse the shipment if you notice any damage to the box.



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Re: TVOutlet

Hello Amp, a major problem with buying 3rd party on Best Buy is if the TV has problems you cannot simply head into Best Buy to get it exchanged. The shipping charges for a 20 lb tv is probably the price of the TV itself. 


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