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comparing Samsung tvs

What makes the Samsung 50" 6290 better than the 6270?  From what I read the 6270 does not have the smart remote, blue tooth or an AV outlet, just HDMI.   Am I missing something else that is so important?

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Re: comparing Samsung tvs

One isn't necessarily better than the other, they both offer very minor differences


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Re: comparing Samsung tvs

Hi @ElDH, welcome to the Best Buy Community Forum Smiley Happy

Nice choice in TV's Smiley Wink

Both the 6720 and 6290, are very simlar with some minor differences in favour of the 6290.

The 6290 incorporates the Samsung Ultra clear panel, and also sports Component/ (Composite) AV RCA inputs .

Otherwise they are the same.

Will you be getting the TV Calibrated to ISF standrards?