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what brand of tv is the best in your opinion, for longevity and warranties?

same question as in the subject title

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Re: what brand of tv is the best in your opinion, for longevity and warranties?

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Hi @Axel1, welcome to the Best Buy community Plug-in forum Smiley Happy

In my opinion all TV's have the same longevity potential and manufacturers warranty of up to 1 year from date of purchase.

All LED panels are rated to last up to 100,000 hrs. of use, to "half-life" expectancy. This means that after 100,000 hours of use, the TV's LCD/Plasma panel will be half as bright as the day you bought it. At an average of 8hrs. of use per day, I believe that this will equate to approximately 32-34 years of use. However the problems that arise with TV's are most often related to electronic components that can fail over time, or become intermittent in operation, such as leaky capacitors, overheated IC's etc.. which can be the cause of various issues.

As a Geek Squad agent I have personally serviced clients TV of various well known manufacturers, that have experienced various issues from dead pixels to power supply issues etc..

This is why Best  Buy offers all our clients, an opportunity to have peace of mind by offering a very comprehensive " Service Plan". Although it is not to be confused or considered a "warranty" as we do not build the equipment, this service plan will emulate the manufacturers warranty for up to 4 years, and also will extend additional coverage for equipment not generally covered by the manufacturers such as all accessories supplied, including the remote control and power cable etc., and also there are service plans that Best Buy offers that will go to further protect your investment in case of "accidental damage", this is something that no manufacturer will offer.

These Service Plans were conceived through many years of experience, including customer and Geek Squad field agents feedback to our head office.

Your Best Buy sales associate will be happy to elaborate in more detail, if you'd like to learn about this feature and have peace of mind after your purchase.

To help protect your investement and assist in longevity, I would also recommend the use of a good quality Anti-surge power bar with filtration to prevent voltage spikes from affecting the power supply adversly over time, I also suggest having the TV calbrated to ISF standards, not just for having the most accurate picture, but also because a properly calibrated TV panel uses slightly less power than uncalibrated unit, which helps extend it's longevity by not having overheated circuitry fail due to thermal conditions.

I hope this answers your query.