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Electronic Drums

I'm interested in purchasing a set of electric drums. They'd be perfect for my apartment. Does anyone have any expertise on what set is better for a decent price? Any prefrences?

Thank you for your help.  

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Re: Electronic Drums

Hey @BeastMode,


My opinion is drums are a personal choice and preferences vary from drummer to drummer. Are you an experienced drummer or casual/recreational? This will help me suggest a set to fit your skills set and use.

We have a great selection of electronic drums available. We have a great music blogger @FearKeyserSoze who might be able to help answer this question. 

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Re: Electronic Drums

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A very good question and Billy hit it right on the head. As with all instruments, you have to consider what you are going to use it for, and how much you can spend. As far as electronic drums on their own, they have gotten significantly better, more durable, and more reliable over the past few years and I am in fact looking to get a set for myself at home. While I am not a "drummer" per se, I do know how to play some rudimentary rhythms. I want them for home recording of some original music. that way I can demo songs by using the electronic drums (and of course fixing them up in the software) and can also bring in real drummers for a better recording if need be. While I may eventually get acoustic drums, the ease of use and issues of sound make this what I feel is the correct choice for me at this time.


What is your skill level? What do you plan to use them for, primarily? What might you like to use them for down the road? My only experiences have been with Roland drums and the people I know that have them speak very highly of them. The more you spend the more bells and whistles you get but you also get construction from stronger and more durable materials so long term that may be a benefit. If I can answer any specific questions for you, just ask. In the mean time, happy shopping and have fun, because music should always be fun!