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Enter for a chance to win a robot from Best Buy

Enter for a chance to win a robot from Best Buy




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What you can win:

At the end of the contest we will randomly choose 5 winners from all eligible comments entered on the blog. Each winner will win one of these prizes: a Meccano M.A.X, an Ozobot Bit White Starter Pack, an Ozobot Black Bit, an Ozobot Evo White, or a Wonder Workshop Wonder Pack. The total value of all of the prizes is approximately $855! One of the prizes is the highly coveted Meccano M.A.X.; this robot was a huge hit at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year. This will be arriving at Best Buy Canada soon. It is not available for purchase at Best Buy just yet, but we do have one available for this contest!



This contest runs from July 28th until August 14th.



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Win a Robot Rules and Regulations



Best Buy Canada frequetly has contests running, so check out the contests in progress page for more great contests to enter.



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