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Pixel Pals available for pre-order

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Hi everyone!


In case you hadn't heard the news, Pixel Pals are now available at Best Buy for pre-order! Check out the blog for all of the details on these fun new collectibles.



mega man.JPG


8-bit Solar Blaze Mega Man

















Fallout - 8-bit Vault Boy













fallout bw.JPG



Fallout - 8-bit Monochrome Vault Boy
















8-bit Mario
















8-bit Mega Man
















8-bit Luigi













fire mario.JPG



8-bit Fire Mario
















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Re: Pixel Pals available for pre-order

Hey, people!


Here's the latest blog article by @PaulH announcing the new Pixel Pals!








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Re: Pixel Pals available for pre-order

OK so what's the deal with these? Are they ever going to actually ship? I know the release date was pushed back a couple times and it seems to have happened yet again. What's the ETA?