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Price Adjustment

Hi there, do you do price adjustments on things that will be on sale for black Friday?  If something is purchased this week and the black Friday sale is cheaper will I be able to get the price adjustment done? Thanks. 

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Re: Price Adjustment

Hi @lcslove,

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Sorry to be the bearer ofg bad news.  Unfortunatly we will not be doing price matches on Black Friday.  The full information about it can be found here but they did release an update letting people know right off the bat that Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day/Week sales do not qualify for the price match polict



The Lowest Price Guarantee has been extended!

During the holidays you can apply for a price beat on purchases made from November 6th until January 3rdinstead of the regular 30-day limit.

Please note that we will not process any price adjustments from December 24th to 27th.

Remember, the Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Boxing Day/Week sale prices.

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