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Buying into the Wii U 5 years later

So why am I posting this up on the Plug-in forum? simply for the reason that I ordered 3 pre-played Wii U games from Best Buy and also for the reason that there isn't anywhere else on the net that would garner readers.


An older gaming system like the Wii U and even the Playstation 4 has a lot of advantages as you get most of the games at a slightly lower price then when it was first introduced. Although Best Buy is selling off any remaining Wii U inventory, there is still a lot of paraphernalia that can be found in the store.    


The Wii U buying spree began when I bought a Wolf-link amiibo that doesn't have 20 hearts. I've been using NFC cards for my Switch BOTW game and have been slowly acquiring cheaper japanese Zelda amibbos for my open collection. Thus in order to add 20 hearts to my wolf link amiibo, I needed to initialize it first with "Cave of Shadows" with the Twilight Princess HD game on the WII U.


Since I don't have a Wii U, nor TP HD game, it was time to research how much investment I needed to make. Thus this began my foray into the Wii U world where I found that I haven't played all the Zelda games especially the two that are available on the Wii U; Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.  In addition there were Super Mario games, Yoshis and Pikmin 3 that I haven't played, the Wii U became my next OCD buying. 


Yes this OCD buying cycle is vicious as I'll be picking up a Wii Fit U board this afternoon that I know that will be propped against the wall just like my old Wii Fit board I had for my old Wii that I sold years ago. However I figure that I owe it to myself to at least pick it up in the hopes that I become addicted to fitness; yeah right....


I even bought a used BOTW for the Wii U even though I am still playing BOTW on the switch. This hard decision came about I was offered these wonderful games at a reduced used price that with money in one hand and the offer to accept these games on the other hand, made it a simple decision. I figure that when I when I finish playing Wind Waker and Twilight Princess on the Wii U (a two month process) I can give the Wii U to my 30 year kids (got 3 kids and one even bought an old Super Nintendo to play Chrono Trigger) or leave it for my two grandkids who are less then 3 years old at this time but definitely will play in the future either when visiting me or I will give to them for Christmas.


I found that a lot of the old games for both Wii U and PS4 are still selling almost at full retail price at some places and people (like me I guess) are still buying into them and playing them. There are some fantastic looking games out there.


Although I have far too many games to play and complete in my lifetime, this has become what I had wished for when I was a kid, a library of games and systems that I could play it for a while and either get addicted or not and move on to the next. As I get older I do have a bit of ADD as I really cannot sit long for anything. This is the reason that I'm sometimes surprised that I am able to play through several hours and sometimes the whole night on BOTW zelda.


A used copy of Wind Waker, Donkey Kong and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is on its way from Best Buy. Unfortunately for some reason I cannot buy Rayman Legends on Best Buy from this 3rd party seller due to some kind of glitch on the website.


Anyways, lots of games and lots of fun....  too bad they are not 3D nor VR, but I'll be playing them on a 4K HDR tv that upscales :-P 



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Re: Buying into the Wii U 5 years later

I thought I should do a follow-up on how my OCD infatuation with the Wii U has been going.


I've discovered that the Wii U is the sleeper console of the decade. It should have been a lot more popular then it had been, but I think the main problem had been is that everyone thought it was just another Wii console with a portable screen; at least I did.  


As always, I got carried away with buying up the games :-P


I now have about 40 Wii U games and 20 Wii games in my collection which includes peripherals like Rock Band, Wii Fit U and a bunch of those Wii-mote accessories like a golf club, tennis racket, steering wheels and so forth. 


The buying of games at Best Buy has been a hit and miss as the number of pre-play Wii U games in stock will vary with the time of day. I've been lucky so far in that I've managed to snagged a few pre-played Wii U games while the stock count remains 1 for a few minutes. The fight is no-where near as violent as trying to get the few amiibos that Best Buy releases.


I kid you not, as somehow people are still trying to buy up the Wii U games as though they are just released; thankfully when you do manage to buy a game the prices are in the ballpark of $30 like Splatoon for $29.99 at Best Buy; it is still a great value in comparison to Splatoon 2 for switch at $80.


All the games still have great value as games like Darksiders I and II, Bayonetta I and II, Lego games, Mario 3d Worlds and of course the Zelda games. I have also manage to snag up the Zelda games for the Wii.


I sold my Wii many many years ago thinking that it was an obsolete system, but I was wrong. The fact that you can use physical actions to play tennis, bowling, golf is still as enjoyable today as it was back in the first days of the Wii. The combination of playing all the Wii Games plus the faster pace action games like Bayonetta and Darksiders makes the Wii U a keeper.



Like the Playstation, patching a game requires copying the game into internal memory. Unfortunately I bought the white Wii U thinking that white looks better, not knowing that it was the original Wii U with only 8GB of internal flash drive memory; the black Wii U has 32gb. Thus after patching BOTW, I had no memory left to play any other games. Luckily, like the Playstation, you can add an external USB drive to expand your storage. Also luckily I had an extra unused 1TB WD Passport drive lying around; however it requires a usb Y-cable to work  (a cable that uses two USB port; one port to draw additional power and one port for data).  Hopefully 1TB should be enough for all the games that now own.


Some of the games like Rayman uses the Wii U Pad for swiping actions which requires you to look at the Wii U pad instead of the TV. I find this disconcerting as I want to play my games on my TV and not on the Wii U Pad screen. For some games like Darksiders, the Wii U pad will display your inventory which is acceptable, but this type of usage is not prevalent across all games. Breath of the Wild, doesn't display anything on the Wii U Pad which is a waste. 


Playing with the Wii U Pro controller doesn't always turn off the screen of the Wii U Pad, thus if you are going to play for a long time, it is recommended to plug in your Wii U pad.


Too many controllers as you search for which buttons to press. Playing Wii U Super Mario Bros, if you are using the Wii remotes, you play with the remotes sideways as though you are using a regular controller. Although this is exactly what happens with the Switch, so I shouldn't really be surprised. The benefits of all the various inputs outweighs the confusion. Once you learn which is which, you are off to a world of addictive fun for the next few hours.


The last Con is unlike the Switch which you can put your game on standby, you have to remember to save your game before hitting the power button to actually power off your console. Yeah yeah, this is how it was in the old days. You only have power on and power off. If you want standby, you simply leave your game console on.... forever.... until you get a power failure or someone pulls the plug because they needed it.  


After using this feature on the Switch, I miss it. 


If you are waiting on the Nintendo Snes Classic, go get the Wii U and have more fun than playing with a limited bunch of old classics.


Of course you have to get both, but the Wii U should hold you till you get the Snes Classic from a scalper.


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Re: Buying into the Wii U 5 years later

The WiiU was definitely underrated for what it was.

I never got the Switch, found it too overpriced for what it was offering (can get an Xbox One for less money), but I guess portability has its price.

Now I mainly use my WiiU as a Zelda machine (WW HD, TP HD, BOTW) and for playing Mario Party 8 (the last of the "traditional" Mario Party games that truly plays like a board game) with friends. Apart from that, I get my gaming fix with my Xbox.



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Re: Buying into the Wii U 5 years later

Juice0904 wrote:

I never got the Switch, found it too overpriced for what it was offering (can get an Xbox One for less money), but I guess portability has its price.


Yes indeed, portability has a price but... I love the sleep mode which is something that I wanted since the first nintendo ever came out. This is the mode where you are interrupted and you put it in sleep mode forever..... and since it is on battery, the plug can be yanked out and your game continues to sleep until your battery runs out (hasn't been tested :-P).


I have two docks, one is at my computer desk where I've been gaming for ages and of course my new gaming area is the couch and TV. Yanking out the switch and carrying it to the other dock is also a dream. No cables to unplug and re-plug, no saving the game and rebooting up the system to continue where you left off. This is portability. 


Lastly, if someone wants the TV, you can just yank out the switch and head to a corner to play. 


Of course there is the playing in bed, under the cover mode. 


With the Wii U, I can almost see how the switch came to be with the Pad controller but the Wii U encapsulates everything that was the Wii and then some.


Hopefully the switch will grow up to be as nice as the Wii U but there is one thing that switch will never emulate and that is the Wii with all its peripherals. I just got the Midi to Rock Band 3 converter where I can connect my real midi drum set to Rock Band. I'm looking forward to jamming with all the rock band games which has about 10 discs that I am still looking around to collect them all.