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Delivery on a Holiday Monday

I'm just surprised which is why I'm posting. 


I got my champion Amiibos today from Best Buy and the surprising thing was that it shipped on Friday Nov 10th and arrived today Nov 13th by Canada Post..... but the internet says....


Mail/Parcel pickup and delivery is unavailable on Monday, November 13, 2017, to observe Remembrance Day. Canada Post will not be operating on Monday, November 13, 2017 to observe Remembrance Day. As a result, scheduled or on-demand pickups will not be performed on this day, but will resume on Tuesday, November 14.Oct 27, 2017


My other surprise is the competition had shipped my amiibos on Nov 8th and they won't arrive till the middle of this week.


I am always surprised by Best Buy and the efficiency of their shipments over the years. I had very few hiccups with Best Buy. Even my new Sony VR bundle that I had to re-order at 4AM in the morning was shipped today by Purolator and should probably arrive shortly; I'm guessing tomorrow. 


With online shopping, almost every day is Christmas at my home; especially the part where I rip open the boxes to discover the toys inside.

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Re: Delivery on a Holiday Monday

That to me sounds like the are not PICKING UP new packages but packages already in transit will still be delivered