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Happy Mario Day!




In recognition of everyone’s favourite hammer swinging, princess chasing, Bowser busting, adventure seeking plumber, we celebrate Mario (MAR10) day!

After making his debut in Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario soon became the signature face for Nintendo, known worldwide. Since then, he and his brother Luigi have been chasing princesses from castle to castle, he’s been a boxing referee, spawned a whole series of late night go-kart races, competed in numerous Olympic events and has even starred in his own movie. How much is there left to accomplish?

So, gather your like-minded, Nintendo-loving friends, don your Mario t-shirts, order in some pizza and get those Nintendo games consoles, Gameboys and DS’s out for a whole day of Mario fun. You could even go one step further and host a Mario House Party! With plenty of ideas, games and activities to choose from, such as fancy dress parties and mushroom stomping competitions, you can be sure to make Mario Day a day to remember.

What’s your favourite Mario game? I love playing Mario Party, Mario Kart and the original Super Mario Bros.




Happy Mario Day!

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Re: Happy Mario Day!

It's a Mario.


Boy did my Mom laught today when I wished her a Happy Mario day, thought I didn't get a chance to actually play any Mario games.


My favorite would have to be Super Mario world on the snes. I remember playing it at my cousines house before I had my own snes and being frustrated since I could never make any progress in the game without having to restart from scatch every time I visted them.


When I finally got my own Snes later on it felt like a real accomplisment when I finally managed to beat the game since I had a really tough time taking down Bowser. Sure it wasn't the first  Mario I'd beaten but it was the most memrable.  Too bad I could never actual beat the Special levels


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Re: Happy Mario Day!

My favourite has to be Super Mario Sunshine, or Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. Those games are some of my most played games of all time.
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Re: Happy Mario Day!

I don't think I would be able to select 1 Mario game that would be my favorite, I simply love them all. From the beginning, to some unexpected twists (Super Mario Bros 2), to some more difficult game (Super Mario Sunshine). But one "mario" game that has a special place in my heart is Super Mario RPG. 


Ironically, I only learned 1 year ago that the Mario and Luigi series was a similar type of game than Super Mario RPG, turns out I love them all so far. 


@Gold_guardian : Nice quote inspired by Reboot Smiley Wink 

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Re: Happy Mario Day!

Thanks @YannickG glad you like my signature!  Good to see I'm not the only one here old enough to remember Reboot.


I really liked Super Mario rpg back on the snes but I could never really get into the Mario and Luigi series. Something about how much timing the battle system requires just really puts me off...  Paper mario was a bit more forgiving in that regard, too bad it's not really a proper rpg series anymore since Sticker star and color splash really stripped out those elements.


Super Paper mario is probablly the height of the Mario rpgs for me. I remember playing that at collage and laughing so hard my sides hurt at a few points such as when it does a spoof of a typical Dragon quest battle

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Re: Happy Mario Day!

I know I'm a bit late to this party but still wish to comment Smiley Happy


Favorite mario game?


Since there are a ton of games featuring Mario I think it would be pertinent to break it down into mario games from the main series  and everything else (ei mario party, mario kart, mario vs donkey kong, etc)


As for Main Mario games my favorite mario game is...


Hotel Mario for the CDi!!!! hahahaha J/K


it would actually be a tie between Super Mario World for the SNES and Mario Sunshine for the Cube


As for spinoff titles I'd say


Mario Kart 8 (wii U) & Mario Golf Toadstool Tour (Game Cube)


That said I love Mario games! I buy pretty much every title with mario in it for home console and most titles featuring mario on the 3ds!