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Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition Console

Hi, I know I'm already late in this conversation but is there any chance that the mini NES will come in stock?


I remember getting a notice that the switch was ready to be shipped on a certain day and certain time, but then I realized when I wairted on that day and time, the stock on the BB website didnt show "In stock".


I really hope the mini NES goes back in stock soon, and is there a way to get an email ahead of time if its getting restocked?


Let me know please

I will definitely get it if its $79.99 instead of the atrocious prices on **competitor**, **competitor**, etc. that they offer. I mean , $300? Are you serious?

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Re: Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition Console

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It was in stock briefly and sold out just as quickly last week.


That was the first time I remember hearing about stock since Christmas time. Just keep your eyes peeled on the forum. @BBYTerence is good at telling everyone when things will be available online.