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Re: Nintendo Switch Pre-order information

Finally found a NES classic mini thanks to that jungle merchant

Shipping is far more reliable
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Re: Nintendo Switch Pre-order information

@ehwhatever It the end, it's all about enjoying the games right? Sorry if I hurt your feelings while speaking about different competitors Smiley Wink 


And I didn't say BBYC can do no wrong. I clearly stated that the "Delivered as early as March 3rd" can be interpreted in many different ways which might lead people to assume they will receive their items on launch day when it clearly isn't the case. BestBuy has room to improve, just like everyone. 


But by coming here, complaining about BestBuy Customer Service, comparing them to X or Y competitors as if THEY were perfect, that's just not right. Like I said, everyone can improve, in different aspects. 

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Re: Nintendo Switch Pre-order information

Hey everyone.


I'm going to retire this thread. It's over 100 pages now. This thread can still be found in the video games forum main page.


For the other Nintendo Switch discussion threads, refer to the video games forum main page.





FYI: Thanks for posting on the forum. For those who are not aware, this is a peer-to-peer forum. The majority of posts on here are from members of the peer-to-peer community made up of other customers and forum participants. They provide great peer-to-peer advice and feedback. If you have a customer service matter, complaint, or an inquiry about an order, please call customer service at 1-866-237-8289 to have your matter addressed.


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